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Alysee A-808L Sax Alto

SKU: 17MO808
Alysee Alto Saxophone A-808L with "Light" case  

Alysee CL-616C Clarinet 17 keys (Bb)

SKU: 17MO801
Alysee CL-616C Clarinet 17 keys (Bb) W/"Light" case

Alysee FL-510SE Flute With Case

SKU: 17MO507
The flute Fl 510 has an excellent sonority and ease of emission with a wide tonal range.

Alysee MH32BL Melodica 32 Keys Light Blue

SKU: 17MO881
Melodica 32 keys - F key - Includes mouthpiece, tube, case, Ideal for school and teaching use

Dunlop HE449 Pure Formula Slide Oil

SKU: 17EK947
Dunlop HE449 Pure Formula Slide Oil.A fast, light oil specifically formulated for trombone slides.

Dunlop Herco Cork Grease

SKU: 17EK692
Herco cork grease in a lipstick style twist tube,which eliminates having to touch the actual cork grease.

Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica C

SKU: 17FE153
Perfetta per il musicista Perfect for the seasoned harpist or those who are just starting out,

Fender Harmonica Holder

SKU: 17FE158
Fender's harmonica holder delivers the utmost stability for your harp for effortless play with an additional instrument.