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Mighty Bright XtraFlex Duet

SKU: 17BO286
Two flexible heads with super LEDs are better than one.

Mighty Bright XtraFlex L.E.D

SKU: 17BO209
A clip or self-standing music light that is extremely flexible and bright.

Proel PLH10N Steel Hook Clamp

SKU: 17PR221
Galvanized steel hook clamp, suitable for Ø 35 to Ø 50mm tubes.

Proel Sagitter SMTWHPLUS Smart Wash Plus

SKU: 17PR217
SMART is the first real line created for the DJ world and for occasional users,

Proel SDC670 Mixer Flexible Lamp

SKU: 17CA027
Flexible lamp 330 mm high, detachable flexible with BNC connector

Quik Lok MS21 LED Light for Sheet Music Stands

SKU: 17EK404
LED light (with 4 LED’s) for sheet music stands.

Sagitter SG FASTER192 DMX Controller

SKU: 17PR241
Faster192 is a simple and intuitive control unit for scanners and motorised devices.

Sagitter SG FASTER4 Controller DMX

SKU: 17PR256
DMX controller for scanner and moving head 16 channels

Sagitter SG LEDKITHP3C Led Kit 3C

SKU: 17PR243
Kit 4 projectors 3x10W led RGBW Full Color

Sagitter SG MIMETIK XL Extra Large Smoke Machine

SKU: 17PR238
With the addition of the new MIMETIK XL, the family of our famous SDJ SMOKE MACHINES is now complete.